Case Studies


With each project, we overcome a new challenge, as well as growing thanks to the fact that we never lose sight of continuing to learn. As each client is different, their goals and needs lead us to develop custom solutions in each project.


The following are some of the cases that we consider to be successful, due to customer satisfaction and the solution achieved.


Migration to AutoScale Design with Docker, CloudFiles Object Storage System


We designed a Cloud platform based on unlimited object storage and Auto Scaling


Migration to AutoScale Design with Docker, CloudFiles Object Storage System


We created a platform where the procedure called Auto Scaling is used.

Mr. Wonderful

We designed their Cloud platform taking into account present and future needs.


We are working on the description of this case study, more details coming soon.


We created a platform based on containers (Docker) for the applications.


We built a global publishing platform with multiple GCP components, including Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Load Balancing and Google Cloud Storage.

Gennion Solutions

We created a highly scalable platform capable of supporting a multi-client and multi-environment infrastructure.

Sagrada Familia

Ackstorm builds container-based self-scaling (Docker) high availability platform for applications


Orchestration and management

Provisioning and ci-cd


Observability and analysis


Ackstorm y Davinci TI se funsionan para crear Davinci Group


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