Deploy the Cloud Native Automation Stack

Kubernetes + CI/CD + Elastic = 2490€ / single payment

Your reliable and optimized platform with the most
standard orchestration, automation and logging stack on the market.

What do I get with the Cloud Native Automation Stack?

Great reliability

It simplifies and entrusts the steps to production in an automated way.

Increased productivity

Let your developers focus on growing your business and not on managing technology that does not add value.

Non-intrusive partner

We do not condition future changes in architecture by allowing its evolution.

More agile deployments

It speeds up and facilitates deployment processes to gain control over production steps.


The elasticity of the platform allows for growth in resources as needed.

Hate vendor lock-in

We offer an open source solution that can be adapted to the main cloud providers

Cost Saving

The elasticity of the cloud allows you to adapt costs to what your business needs at any given time.


Fully customizable solution in out of the box format and always on par with the company's growth.


All the parts proposed in this stack are validated as a professional and robust solution on the market.

"The use of Kubernetes in production has grown dramatically: 78% of respondents are using Kubernetes in production, a huge jumped from 58% last year."

CNCF Survey Report 2019

What does the Cloud Native Automation Stack include?

1. Implementation of the system, with the configuration of the Stack.


We create the repositories for the development team to feed them and through Jenkins, trigger the execution of the pipeline that will build the docker and manage its deployment.


Preparamos el clúster de Kubernetes para la orquestación de los contenedores. Utilizamos Flux para asegurar que la configuración del clúster está actualizada según la fuente de verdad: git (gitops approach)


Using Redis as a buffer for logs and Elastic as a search engine powered by Logstash and painted by Kibana, we managed to have complete visibility of the logs generated by an ephemeral infrastructure.

2. We include a simple demo app that allows you to validate the IC/CD and test the platform

We will check the efficiency of the process with a demonstration app (Hello world!) that will validate the operation of the Pipeline. The client will be able to create and customize the pipelines with total freedom.

Custom pipelines can be made but are not included in this proposal of implementation of Cloud Native Automation Stack, we must value them according to the extension of the application.

3. Documentation

Stack technical documentation will be delivered including pieces, asembling and design). This information enables the end user to exploit the new platform.

Cloud Native Automation Stack

iva no incl.
  • Single payment
  • Implementation of the system, with the configuration of the Stack
  • Centralization of service logs.
  • We include a simple demo app that allows you to validate the entire IC/CD process
  • Testing Platform
  • Documentation

Extend your platform, we reach all your needs

Monitoring &

Measuring and observing is fundamental to governing any platform.
What do we need?

Metrics: The solution is provided by Prometheus, an open-source monitoring solution that is perfectly integrated into Kubernetes.

Tracing: Podemos añadir información de tracing de aplicación en Elastic mediante su APM.

Dashboards: Grafana nos permite analizar y visualizar los datos que recogemos.

| From 990 €/month

We help you in the development

We have an expert team to help you in the development of your application in the CI/CD platform and using agile methodologies:

1. We carry out tailored projects based on Java microservices.

2. We manage all your development projects through our technical service office..

Make your Cloud platform more secure and robust

Don't forget that cloud security is a model of shared responsibility. Where the cloud provider does not reach, we can help you with:

Cloud Security Center: a 24×7 monitoring and control service, from 600 euros per month.

Optional services:

Evaluation and assistance for PCI compliance from 1.900 €

Security audits, pen-testing and security posture with our Cloud Security Checkup

Let your developers focus on growing your business and not on managing technology.

If you think that Cloud Native Automation Stack can be useful for you, as a whole or as a complement, contact our team and we will talk about your case.


Any company that wants to gain reliability and security in its platform, or create it from scratch with total scalability.

No, the stock implementation service has a start and a final delivery, with no more payments or commitments.

The Cloud Native Automation Stack includes the implementation of the tools, processes and documents described here.

This methodology allows for constant development and production that will allow for continuous integration. With DevOps strategies we achieve a more autonomous development and make possible the quality tests that guarantee the detection of errors.

Kubernetes simplifies and optimizes the management of microservices. Developing an application in Kubernetes guarantees us a transparent vision of the cluster, as well as greater flexibility and scalability according to future needs.

You can learn more about Kubernetes here.

Elastic Stack is the set of tools we use as a centralized manager of logs generated on elastic platforms

Jenkins, is the Open Source tool that allows the automation of part of the software development process through CI/CD.
It includes the construction, testing, code quality control, security validation and finally, the deployment of the new version of our application on the chosen platform.

The cloud provider operates, manages, and controls the components of the host operating system and the virtualization layer down to the physical security of the facilities where the services operate. The customer assumes responsibility for and secures the applications and firewall configuration. 

All those likely to need scalability, adaptability and constant growth of your business, providing new features of its platform and maintain a continuous evolution.