Legal Notice of the domain corresponding to ACK STORM S.L., with nº CIF · B62835210  and address  C/ Pujades. 362 1º2ª Barcelona 08019.

General conditions of use of the website

ACK STORM S.L. informs you that access to and use of the website and all URLs, sub-domains and directories included under it, as well as the services or content that can be obtained through this site, are subject to the terms set out and detailed in this Legal Notice, notwithstanding that access to any of these services or content may require the acceptance of general, particular or additional conditions. Therefore, if the considerations detailed in this Legal Notice are not your consent, please do not use this website, as any use you make of it or the services and content included therein, will imply acceptance of the legal terms contained in the text of this Legal Notice.

Due to the very nature of the Internet, given the possibility of accessing this page from anywhere in the world, the contents, as well as the services offered in general by ACK STORM S.L.are aimed at customers moving in any country. However, when requesting the hiring of any type of services and content offered, ACK STORM S.L.reserves the right to refuse the provision of services or the sending of content, in those cases it deems appropriate. ACK STORM S.L. reserves the right to make changes to the website without prior notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add, cancel or delete the contents or design of the website. The services and contents of the web are susceptible to be updated periodically and due to the fact that the updating of the information is not immediate, we suggest that you always check the validity and accuracy of the information, services, and contents gathered here. The conditions and terms of use contained in this Legal Notice may change, so we propose that you review these terms when you visit the website again or request a new service. Also, this Legal Notice shall be without prejudice to any other General Conditions, and particulars, which regulate access to specific goods and services within the website.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

Both the design of this website, its source codes, logos, images, melodies, trademarks and other distinctive signs that appear, belong to their respective authors and are protected by intellectual property rights and industrial. Their use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other similar action is totally forbidden except with the express written authorization of their creator or owner of the rights. In any case, ACK STORM S.L. declares its respect for the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties; therefore, if you consider that this site may be violating your rights, please contact

Links or hyperlinks

From this website, ACK STORM S.L.provides or may provide you with access to other websites that considers may be of interest to you. The purpose of these links is merely to facilitate the search for resources that may be of interest to you on the Internet. However, these pages do not belong to ACK STORM S.L.nor does it review their contents, therefore, it is not responsible for them, the operation of the linked page or possible damage that may result from access or use of the same. Likewise, ACK STORM S.L.nor does it review their contents, therefore, it is not responsible for them, the operation of the linked page or possible damage that may result from access or use of the same. Likewise, is fully respectful of the intellectual or industrial property rights that correspond or may correspond to third parties on the web pages to which the aforementioned links refer. For this reason, if you consider that the establishment of these links may be violating your rights, please contact ACK STORM S.L.. at .

As general matter, the linking of web pages or e-mail addresses to the web is authorized, except in those cases in which ACK STORM S.L. expressly states otherwise. Additionally, and in any case, in order to understand this general authorization to be applicable, these links must necessarily respect the following condition: the establishment of the link shall not in itself imply any type of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation on the part of ACK STORM S.L. of the page making the link. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ACK STORM S.L. may at any time withdraw the authorization mentioned in the previous paragraph, without the need to give any reason whatsoever. In this case, the page that created the link must immediately delete it, as soon as it receives the notification. ACK STORM S.L..

Frames or framings

ACK STORM S.L. expressly prohibits the performance of framings or the use by third parties of any other mechanisms that alter the design, original configuration or web content.

User responsibilities

The user undertakes to use the web services in accordance with the terms expressed in this Legal Notice, being responsible for their correct use. The user who acts against the image, good name or reputation of ACK STORM well as anyone who unlawfully or fraudulently uses the designs, logos or contents of the website and/or attempts in any way against the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website or its contents and services, shall be liable to ACK STORM S.L. for its actions.

User responsibilities ACK STORM S.L.

Incorrect use:

ACK STORM S.L.  has created the website for the promotion of its products and/or services, but cannot control the use thereof in a manner different from that provided for in this Legal Notice; therefore, access to and correct use of the information contained in the website are the responsibility of the person carrying out these actions, ACK STORM S.L. not being responsible for any incorrect, unlawful or negligent use that the user may make of it.


ACK STORM S.L. facilitates all the contents of its website, under certain conditions of good faith, and will make every effort to ensure that they are updated and in force; however, ACK STORM S.L. cannot assume any responsibility with regard to the use or access made by users outside the area to which the website is directed, whose final responsibility will fall on the user. Likewise, ACK STORM S.L. cannot control the contents that have not been elaborated by it or by third parties fulfilling its order and, therefore, ACK STORM S.L. shall not be liable in any case for damages, contents and technical unavailability that may be caused by said third parties.


ACK STORM S.L. will include its own advertising or that of third parties on the website in order to offer you products or services that it understands may be of interest to you. However, with regard to third-party advertising, ACK STORM S.L. cannot control the appearance of such advertising, nor the quality and suitability of the products or services to which it refers, so it shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused to the user by such causes attributable to third parties.


ACK STORM S.L. undertakes to apply as far as possible, the appropriate measures at its disposal to try to ensure the user the absence of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spam, etc … on its website. However, these measures are not 100% infallible and, therefore, ACK STORM S.L. cannot fully ensure the absence of such undesirable elements. Consequently, ACK STORM S.L. shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused to the user.

Technical fault:

ACK STORM S.L. puts the necessary means at its disposal for the continuity of this website and will make its best efforts to ensure that it does not suffer interruptions, but cannot guarantee the absence of technological failures, nor the permanent availability of the website and the services contained therein, consequently assumes no liability for damages that may arise from lack of availability and access failures caused by disconnections, breakdowns, overloads or network failures not attributable to ACK STORM S.L..

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The applicable law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms that constitute this Legal Notice, as well as any question related to the services of the present web, will be the Spanish one. For the resolution of any conflict that may arise during a visit to the website, ACK STORM S.L. and the user agree to submit to the judges and commercial courts of BARCELONA.