Migrating to the Amazon AWS Cloud

Mr. Wonderful is a well-known Spanish E-Commerce, founded in 2011, which is dedicated to the online sale of stationery, office and household goods that has achieved great sales success thanks to its innovative product design.

Their products are full of positive messages and phrases that have been echoed through social media, which has allowed them to grow very quickly not only nationally, but internationally.
This growth has involved a strategic review of several areas of the company, especially that of IT Infrastructure, where Mr. Wonderful had an on-premises server platform based on Magento.
In a scenario of continuous marketing campaign launches with several thousand concurrent users, Mr. Wonderful identifies certain key needs for improving the experience of its users: an online service that guarantees an excellent response time without any service outage.


A Cloud platform is designed to cover all present and future needs.

The platform is migrated from the on-premises platform to the Cloud without service outages, and the platform adapts to demand automatically, using Elastic Computing, allowing it to absorb spikes especially during campaign launches.

Performance, security, and user experience are improved. The latter by using CDN (CloudFront).

“The solution provided and the capacity of Ackstorm’s technical staff have met my expectations.”

Javier Aracil
CEO at Mr. Wonderful

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