Sagrada Familia


Success Case La Sagrada Familia

The Expiatory Temple of La Sagrada Familia is managed by an ecclesiastical foundation created in 1895. The original purpose of the Fundació, formed by the Archbishop of Barcelona and a group of employers who collaborate in a selfless way, is the administration of budgets and the realization of the project of building a temple dedicated to La Sagrada Familia, faithfully following Antoni Gaudí’s initial guidelines.

La Sagrada Familia, as an expiatory temple, has been built since its inception exclusively thanks to donations and contributions from thousands of people.
The purpose of the founding is to disseminate the life and work of the architect. For this reason, the house has been conditioned in order to evoke the years in which Gaudí used it as a residence and to show the furniture and other elements designed by him.

After breaking a new record in 2017 with more than 4.5 million visits a year, and due to the establishment of a new web portal for which a large number of visits are expected, the Sagrada Familia finds the need to design its infrastructure to allow absorb demand at peaks and promotions or events on the platform. Their needs point to a platform with high availability, which adapts to the number of visits you can make at any given time.


Ackstorm builds container-based self-scaling (Docker) high availability platform for applications

This platform will allow scaling the capacity of the components of the architecture and address the volume of user requests.

The result is a speed improvement thanks to the switch from traditional hosting provider to AWS Cloud, as well as the redesign and optimization of other OpenSource applications, as well as 24/7 monitoring by the Ackstorm team against the possible detection of anomalies or points of failure.

All this allows a platform change in high availability, unlimited in computational resources and always adaptable to the demand required in pay-as-you-go mode.

“With ACKstorm we have managed to develop the migration of services to the cloud to be carried out in a controlled manner, also meeting the functional objectives and date of deployment.”

Juan Alberto Castro

Head of Technology Services, La
Sagrada Familia Building and Technology

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