Native infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform

SERHS is a corporation formed by 58 companies, structured in 6 business divisions (distribution of perishable and non-perishable products; tourism and travel; hotels; management and food production; projects; services and new technologies), with 2,529 workers, 1,451 shareholders (43% of whom are SERHS workers or their relatives). Specialized in products and services for the hotel, catering, and community industry and considered as the “1st Tourist Group of Catalonia” to provide service to more than 40,000 clients.

SERHS suggested an infrastructure change based on the migration of a part of its infrastructure to the Cloud with a series of specific features. The goal: to establish a solid and secure platform, capable of auto-scaling, absorbing peaks of concurrent visits and backing up their information.


A platform is created using the procedure called Auto Scaling.

This platform automatically scales the capacity of the architecture components and the required configurations are applied to ensure security.

Application dockering allows for deployment as many times as needed, making it easier to scale the platform.

A backup policy adapted to the needs of the established contingency plan is implemented.

“The Cloud model keeps our customers from having to oversize their infrastructure to absorb the peak loads and seasonality that arise during the year. As early as 2007, SERHS Servicios TIC – the Information and Communication Technologies unit of SERHS Servicios – opted for Google, becoming the first client in the Spanish state of Google Apps, of which it later became a partner. This experience, combined with the optimal performance and great features offered by Google Cloud, made us bet on this path. ”

Albert Orriols
SerHS Governance and Security Manager Services

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