Scalability, Reliability and Technology Security growth

Easypromos is one of the leading global platforms to create and manage online campaigns in a totally self-service way, available on any social media platform and compatible with any type of device.
Easypromos was born in 2010 as one of the first applications to create online promotions and, since the beginning, we have worked side by side with customers from all over the world to offer the best possible experience to the administrators who set up their campaigns through a reliable, robust and very intuitive platform, suitable for any user without any programming knowledge.
The platform includes sweepstakes, contests, questionnaires, trivia, surveys and loyalty programs.
Easypromos’ mission is and will be to develop a technological tool that allows businesses, marketing teams and agencies to carry out online contests and sweepstakes as an effective action in their marketing strategies, becoming a technological partner, and this can only happen if we offer a reliable tool and service with the highest guarantees.
Ackstorm has migrated Easypromos’ entire technology infrastructure to the Google Cloud platform, with the goal of growing in scalability, reliability and technology security. This will allow Easypromos to focus on what they know most: developing new features that help their customers create better promotions.


Migration to Self-Scaling Design with Docker, CloudFiles Object Storage System

The customer wanted a Cloud infrastructure with specific features to be able to host the SaaS application of online promotions where the current hosting of 6 dedicated servers and 5 front ones without Balance to Self-scaleD Design with Docker, System with CloudFiles Object Storage
The reliability and security provided by the Google platform and the management of a certified and trusted partner like Ackstorm will allow Easypromos to focus their efforts at the heart of their business: Developing new features that help their customers create the best promotions.

According to them, the results they have been able to see in just 3 months are more than noticeable:

• 95% savings in maintenance time.
• Promotions load time three times faster (450ms to 150ms).
• Platform operation at 99.99%.
• Reduction to 0 of software update issues after automating all deployment processes.
• Possibility to reach large customers with confidence by being able to withstand large loads of online demand.
• Full system availability, complete monitoring of all actions taken, strict access control and new backup policy.

“With Ackstorm I have realized that I don’t know about systems, they do and I have nothing to worry about.”

Carlos Bonfill
CEO of Easypromos

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