Google Cloud Platform Migration

Esdemarca is an online sales portal founded in 2007, in Barcelona. It offers more than 300 brands with discounts of up to 80% on the in-store price and with 24-hour delivery.

They have a wide range of products among which stand out: fashion, accessories, footwear, sport, electronics, perfumes, cosmetics and more.
They renew their catalog with new offers and incorporate new products periodically. They work with a lot of information and receive more and more visits from users. This is why they needed a platform capable of rapidly growing and adapting to the concurrent visits they receive not only daily but also in the campaigns they carry out occasionally.
Continued and rapid growth led Esdemarca to make the decision to migrate its infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform weeks before BlackFriday.

Official case of success published by Google


A Cloud platform is designed based on unlimited object storage and Auto Scaling.

Auto-scaling allows you to automatically scale the capacity of the components of the architecture according to the needs of each moment, being able to absorb the peaks of concurrent visits that occur during the campaigns.

Stress tests and performance adjustments are performed to optimize the platform.

“The infrastructure of an Ecommerce is like life, if you stop beating, you die!”

Esteban Blázquez
CEO at Esdemarca

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