Scalable and Flexible Infrastructure

Gennion is a Spanish consultancy that focuses its activity on a solution of omnichannel systems (omnichannel location-based system technology solution). In doing so, the company helps its customers digitally detect, identify, and track people and resources across physical environments to extract maximum business value.

With customers such as shopping malls and hotels, the company’s system is able to combine information from a wide range of devices, generating large amounts of data per day. Gennion needed to store this data, consult it and provide information in nearly real time. To make it possible, they turned to Google Cloud Platform.

Tracking people and resources through extensive physical locations, such as shopping malls, airports and hotels, requires Gennion to store data from as many devices as possible, including security cards, phones, or even from their own custom-made sensors.

When the company opened in 2014, Gennion knew that huge storage capacity would be needed to combine data streams and analyze them to provide a quick and accurate view. The company was faced with the need to replicate its solutions for various customers on a large scale, though with completely different requests. In addition, as a startup, Gennion needed to keep costs as low as possible even though its level of business and operations was expanding.

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A highly scalable platform is created capable of supporting a multi-client, multi-environment infrastructure.

From the very start, Gennion chose Google Cloud Platform for its scalability and flexibility. With a rapidly growing customer database, Gennion partnered with Ackstorm, Cloud Computing specialists, to further optimize its infrastructure. Through Google Kubernetes Engine and Kubernetes, Ackstorm and Gennion designed a scalable and easily replicable infrastructure solution that is not dependent on a complex system of virtual instances.

The flexibility offered by Google allowed Gennion to benefit from third-party tools such as RabbitMQ clusters and Python to keep their data processing methods intact, without having to rewrite its architecture to accommodate the large diversity of Google products.
With Ackstorm’s technical expertise, as well as the flexibility of pay-per-minute Google on Google Cloud Platform, Gennion was able to grow its business, take on new consumers and keep the IT Budget in check.

Gennion has developed a sensor system that captures thousands of positions per second, generating millions of records a day without compromising speed or reliability.
No matter when, Gennion takes on a new customer, you can benefit from Kubernetes to quickly deploy a new fully equipped container in less than a day without compromising or making use of IT resources.

“Thanks to the help of Ackstorm and Google Cloud Platform, we have increased the number of customers we had compared to the first year by tenfold, and still be able to cut into our IT and support costs.”

Jose Manuel
CTO – Gennion

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